Product Overview

Full Ceramic 3D printer with 

Auto-slide Door


DLP Full Ceramic 3D Printer

TD6 is a sophisticated 3D Printing solution

that enables you to quickly and efficiently produce ceramic products that are

utilized in a variety of industries.

Hardware 01

High Resolution 

DLP 3D Printer

Printing outputs quickly and accurately 

in 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Hardware 02

Optimized Blade System

     Proprietary dual blades system 

     designed for homogeneously 

      flatting every single layer 

      while 3D Printing.

Hardware 03

Stable Structural 

Additive Manufacturing

Highly stable additive manufacturing process 

using top-down 3D Printing method.

Hardware 04


      No tools necessary.

     Easy to disassemble key parts 

     for maintenance 3D Printer.

TD6 Specification


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