Product Overview

RO (Sintering Furnace)

Final Step of Full Ceramic 3D Printing Process


(Sintering Furnace)

Final Step of Full Ceramic 3D Printer Process

Sintering furnace is a Product in which 

fine particle-shaped polymer praticle is

sintered into a solid structure according to

a 3D model using a high-performance laser.

Sintering Furnace Process 01


This is the process of burning the polymer and leaving ceramics only.

  Heat generation.

  Polymer and other additives burnt out.

  Remain ceramic powder only.

Sintering Furnace Process 02


This is a process in which the ceramic particle 

becomes densified as pores are removed during the sintering process. 

  Heat treated below the meting point.

  Adhere ceramic powder tightly.

  Highly consolidate after cool down.


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